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tv   Fox 29 News at 10  FOX  August 31, 2014 10:00pm-10:37pm EDT

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>> coming up next storms dump heavy rain on holiday weekend activities and it could happen again tomorrow. plus, the showboat is closed. revel is next much it's a tough weekend in atlantic city. revel is next much it's a tough weekend in atlantic city. your news starts in 30 sec here in york, pennsylvania we've built the largest distributor of kitchen cabinets in the nation. we've got american-made products that are beating out chinese imports. so, i know pennsylvania can be a leader in manufacturing and we can make things again. but we have to invest in education and a skilled workforce today. i'm tom wolf and i have a plan. we can do great things, but we have to think ahead. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania. fox 29 news in hd brought to you by xfinity the future of aweso awesome. >> live from center city in philadelphia this is fox 29 news at 10. >> right now on fox 29 news at
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10, storms packing heavy rain and lightning move through much of the area. crowds are sent running for cover. your labor day forecast in minutes. but first a developing story. tragedy strikes a local high school. three bucks county teens are killed in a one-car crash in northeastern pennsylvania. good evening i'm lauren johnson. >> the teens were about to begin a new school year at council rock. tonight students and staff are devastated by the loss. chris o'connell is live in the newsroom with the tragic story. >> reporter: horrible story. classes at council rock high school south in set to begin in two days. tonight instead of celebrating the start of classes the school is mourning the tragic loss of three incoming sophomores. school administrators rush to council rock high school south on labor day holiday to help deal with the unthinkable. the deaths of three students days before school starts. the victims have been identified and seen here through their social media pages.
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cullen ever, 15 year olds ryan lesher and shamus dig knee. messages of couldn't dole lens mourning their loss have been pouring in from classmates. state police say the chevy suburban carrying six kids overturned yesterday morning around 11:30 in fall pack township. one was killed instantly. two others died later. three others were taken to the hospital but no word on their injuries. investigators say they're still looking into the cause of the crash including who was behind the wheel. the school district sent out this statement. "council rock offers its sincere condolences to the families of these students and to all who are grieving this terrible los loss". >> according to social media, the three victims were all student student athletes had played lacrosse, soccer and basketball. council rock high school south will be open tomorrow afternoon for students and faculty who want to speak with grief
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counselors. classes there start on tuesday. lauren. >> thanks, chris. such a sad story. to your fox 29 weather authority storms dumped pretty heavy rain this evening and labor day could bring much of the same. fox 29 meteorologist dominica davis is here. just put away the umbrellas just yet. >> not yet. we have a chance of pop up showers and thunderstorms on labor day even though it doesn't look like a wash out. here's what we're looking at on the sa satellite/radar. those storms we had earlier have all slid off to the east of i- i-95. these storms are tracking to the northeast right now heavy batch going over the millville area heading into atlantic city. we have seen a lot of rain with these storms moving through. flash flooding has been a concern. pretty much through parts of philadelphia, even in through camden we've been seeing some flash flood warnings there. also, some wind damage with these storms. these storms have been packing a
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punch n gloucester county in new jersey, we saw in one case a lot of trees down out there. just keep in mind that's what we'll be dealing with tomorrow. gusty winds and at times heavy rain but not washout. so here's what you can look at for your labor day coming ahead. not a washout for tomorrow but we do have that chance mainly i'm going to say in the afternoon would be the best threat of that. it stays hot right through the week that's been another big story. temperatures have been in the 90s. the humidity has been climbing up. that's something that carries us right through all of next week. so summer still here to stay for now. we'll have a look at the complete forecast check out that seven day and i'll let you know the best times you can expect those showers and storms for tomorrow. back to you, lauren. >> thanks so much. you may have had to be a hard core music fan to stick it out on the parkway tonight. concert goers got drenched by some heavy downpours at the budweiser made in america festival. but, with kings of leon as the headline are in the must go on.
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fox 29's dave kinchen is live the parkway in the middle of all the action. dave, could you stay dry? ♪ >> reporter: super star march mel williams hit the stage on the final night of the made in america music festival. his band happy to have the show back on after rain forced them to create 40,000 music lovers crammed into the ben franklin parkway. isn't it was total mayhem. every everybody was running. >> they were told to direct everyone out of the guy january tick venue. a feat ease your said than done. not to mention scary. >> it was just a mess. people were trying to run us over. we were so scare. like, because people wouldn't listen to us, and oh, my gosh. they paid lot of money for the event so they're upset. >> concert goers tried to keep the party going as philadelphia police officers push the masses
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back towards city hall. mia started back up an hour later but but the rain continu continued. >> we went to get ponchos. plan b fashionable trash bag. at least keeping us dry a little bit. >> the show must go on. so, yeah, i'm glad everything continued. everybody is happy. >> reporter: the show must go on indeed. concert planners had to scramble and get an amended schedule out there. we do have couple notes to pass along from philadelphia police. they say thankfully no injuries related to the storm but they did have some arrests, three arrests, one for theft and two for assault. so overall everybody well behaved for this the third mia in philadelphia. back to you. >> for continuing coverage go to you'll have pictures and all of our reports. look for link on the home page. >> two boaters are recovering from minor injuries after a close call on the schuylkill river earlier tonight. less say a boat hit an unknown
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object in the water and broke in several pieces. it happened near port indian road and schuylkill avenue in west norriton. those two people were taken to the hospital. the landscape changing in atlantic city. showboat a main stay along the boardwalk for 27 years shut down for good idea. fox 29's drew dickman caught up with employees and customers on the last day. >> this was my home, my family, this was my friends everything. >> reporter: loretta bane bored her life into the showboat casino. >> i have so many memories of people i met. it's just -- it hurts. it hurts. >> reporter: she work at the mardi gras stale casino for the past 23 years. even though she knew this day was coming she wasn't prepared for it. >> it's terrible. terrible. everybody is down. my customers i've known for 20 years, they're crying and saying how much they're going to miss everybody. it's just devastating. >> reporter: long-time
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showboat patron bonnie, also described depressing last day for employees inside the caesars entertainment owned building. >> all walking around with very sad look on their faces and in the garage they're blowing their horns and packing up their cars and it's very sad. >> neal and his wife drove from staten island to say a final farewell. the couple says they've been staying at the showboat since it opened in 1987. >> fond memories of the place. we've been here many times and we like to come here. they were always very special to us. >> bane is more than 2,000 employees who will lose their jobs. the brigantine resident now wonders if it's time for her to cash out, too. >> i don't get another job, i'm going to retire. and just enjoy the rest of my life. >> reporter: also talked to another employee who tells us they have a job lined up at another casino here on the boardwalk in atlantic city. in terms of what's going to happen to the building, that's unclear but one employee tells us there's a rumor more going
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around a college may make a campus here in ac. reporting in atlantic city, drew dickman fox 29 news. >> as drew mentioned revel is the next kaseen no to close. it will cease hotel operations at 11:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. gambling will end and the casino will close 6:00 o'clock tuesday morning. they have been open for about two years. it costs more than $2 billion to build. >> two people are in the hospital following an attack in marion station. police arrived to the 200 block of edge hill just around 4:00 this morning the victims tell police they were assaulterred. they were taken to the hospital. there's no word on their condition an investigation is on going. >> delaware detectives discover much more while trying to nab a suspect wanted for several burglaries. while searching the home of 31 year old brandon, police found evidence linking him to the crimes but also discovered 13 bags of heroin and drug paraphernalia. police say he took power tools, fishing equipment and bicycles from several sheds. if you have any information on
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his whereabouts, you're asked to call police. >> no sign of the force of the mysterious gas odor that kept peco crews busy this weekend. it received more than 1,000 calls from customers who said they were smelling gas. the calls started coming in yesterday afternoon and came from all over peco service area. peco says crews investigated each and every complaint and found no sign of a gas leak. a spokesperson told fox 29 it received an average number of customer calls today. the new yesterday champ an e celebrated with a parade g brume mal newtown baseball team earned its second world series title in the babe ruth organization. a parade was held in their honor in broomall. it ended at the ballpark where the team could get up close and personal with their fans. they clinched the win thursday night in washington state.
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>> effect it up a an abandoned us embassy. militants have taken over the compound in libya. what journalists found today when they were invited inside. >> this nfl defensive lineman walk out of jail this evening. what he has to sybo the charges he's facing. >> temperatures will be soaring into the 90s and the humidity will be up there. but also, a chance for some storms. i'll have the details coming up.
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>> bucks county man dead tonight a a family feud in bristol. an argument between a man and his brother-in-law he is indicate lated with one shooting the other. office have a person of interest in custody. no names have been row leased. >> a big bust that netted drugs, cash and a gun has landed four men in jail in new castle county delaware. police executed a essential warrant in wilmington friday. officers say they found marijuana, pills and more than 1,000 bags of heroin. they also reportedly found a gun and hundreds of dollars in cash. four men are now under arrest. they range in age from 21 to 23 years old. all of them facing several drug and weapons charges. all four are behind bars tonig tonight. >> san francisco 49ers defensive end ray mcdonald posted bail and left jail after being a rested on domestic violence charges. he was arrested at his home early this morning. he talked a little bit about the incident as he was leaving jail while waiting for taxi ride ho
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home. >> the truth will come out, you know, um, i can't say too much right now, but the truth will come out. everybody knows what kind of person i am. >> what kind of person are you? >> just -- good hearted person. i mean, you know. >> mcdonald's arrest comes three days after nfl commissioner roger goodell makes changes the way the -- six game suspension for the second offense. a second offense carries an indefinite ban with a minimum of one year. >> air strikes continue against isis militants in iraq but officials say iraqi and american forces have made major progress. us military officials are working to confirm claims that iraqi forces have retain a town about two hours new york of baghdad that had been over taken by isis. we do know us war planes
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conducted three air strikes in the area to make this victory possible. meanwhile u.s. surveillance drones began flying for the fir this week gathering intelligence and mapping possible isis targets in syria. >> new video just surfaced of libyan militant group enjoying their time at an an neck building near the u.s. embassy in libya. they are securing the buildings until the us officials decide to come back. fox's connor powell has that story. >> reporter: a former c. ia reasonable in an lex in libya now that the hands of my la she identifying themselves as the dawn of libya. they were thought to be the up s embassy but this compound is about a mile away from the now abandoned building. associated press reporting the group has been stationed at the annex for at least a week. >> we came here. we found to be an important place. a rival militia rifle was here before we drove them out. we then put some of our fighters here to preserve this place as much as we can. >> reporter: cameras were allowed inside the compound
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sunday with the grounds looking clean and largely untouched. there was even an impromptu party thrown where the men were seen enjoying a reasonable pool. the group says they're ready to turn the buildings over to us officials upon their return. >> u.s. staff members are most welcome back here with god blessings. any area controlled by the dawn of libya is total secure are you no trouble. >> reporter: this takeover of a desserted u.s. post will row inn egg 58 the roll the united states will play in lib y it's been two years sin the murder of four american at the us consolate in benghazi. republicans continue to criticize president obama for what they call a lack of leadership over seas. >> libya now is collapsed into a failed state. that is when -- what happens when you lead from behind. >> reporter: libya is still at a risk of sliding into civil war as political divisions and fighting among the rebel groups that overthrew former strong man
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gadhafi create to continue chaos and uncertainty. couldn't are in powell fox news. >> russian president vladmir putin is calling on ukraine to talk about solutions. he continues to deny there are russian troops inside ukraine the president came to an agreement yesterday and swapped dozens of ukrainian troops for nine captured russian paratroopers who had been found on ukrainian soil this as nato and the european union talked about imposing more tough economic sanctions on russia. >> people in the nation's capitol are warned about a new widespread phone scam. people are calling claiming to be agents. their demanding payment for fake tax leans. authorities say the phony agent who usually has a heavy accent the unsecretarying person owes money to theism rs if it's not paid immediately they'd they'll be arrest. >> she said she was calling from
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a civil division and they had legal papers. if you talk to them long enough they will ask you for money. it's sort of a you're in big trouble and we've got papers to deliver but there's a way we can work around this. >> the irs says it has received at least 90,000 complaints regarding this particular exam. pictures from nasa show it was a busy week on the surface of the sun. take look. starting last sunday the sun shot off an explosive flare and continued to unleash more of them over the next couple of days. the flares erupted on the left side of sun. these can't harm us but they can effect gps and cell phone signals. >> fox 29 meteorologist so minute nikau davis is back now with a look at your wake up weather. what's up? hi, lauren. we are locking at showers and thunderstorms still but much of this now has moved off to the east and is pushing northeast. so along the jersey shore, that's where we're seeing much of the active weather right now in atlantic city where you see these reds and yellows, they're getting a pretty good thunderstorm. lot of gusty winds with that.
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anybody in atlantic city be on stand by because you are looking at some strong winds and also some frequent lightning. we've had lot of reports in new jersey of trees down. so wind is definitely a cause of concern with this line of storms. you can see some showers are starting to form back by the wilmington area. they're moving off to the northeast as well. this is going to continue to slide off to the east overnight and i think we will get a bit of a drying period. so as far as the wake up weather goes, we're going to see dry conditions to start us out for the most part. it's 75 right now. temperatures really cooled considerably once we got these storms past us. a high today in the low 90s in the city. we're now at 75 degrees with the humidity around 94 and winds coming out of the south at 10. tomorrow when you wake up we'll fall to about 72 in the city. 70 in the suburbs. well call it a mostly cloudy sky and it will be humid. i think for most of us we stay
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dry. we could see an isolated shower down to the south along the shore. other than that, it's mainly a cloudy sky with more scattered showers and thunderstorms returning by the afternoon and early evening. i'll pinpoint your forecast and let you know when you can expect those popping up during the of a noon coming up in just little bit. lauren. >> all right. this man and his pregnant wife were feet away from a hospital but their baby just wouldn't wait. how the marine quickly went from hero on the battlefield to a hero of a different sort. one family's walk along the beach takes terrifying turn when they have a run in with a raccoon. a father and son d
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>> authorities in iceland are lowering the aviation warning code once again they raised it to its highest level early this morning because of annie ripping at this volcano. so far no ash has been detected which is good news for planes in the area. iceland mick meteorological office calls its today eruption and calm and said it could hardlhardly be seen on meter ths measure ground motion. thousands of earthquakes have rock the region in recent days leading to concerns it may eru erupt. >> crews needed to ladder to rescue these folks stranded on a bus in sweden. heavy floode flooded roads. people were told to stay home. many in the area even lost their
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electricity. >> a louisiana marine makes a very special delivery it's his own newborn son. on wednesday brian arden was rushing his pregnant wife to a hospital right outside lafayette but the baby did not want to wait. they made it to the parking lot but their fourth child was ready and made his grand entrance. uniformed up daddy lived his newborn who they named benjamin. >> screaming and hold allergy she was in some pain when the contractions would come. and i'm like, baby, it's going to be all right. it's going okay. >> he may have been nervous on the inside which i really think he was but he just did what he had to do to save mr. benjamin. >> yes, did he. arden says he was with his wife paying close attention to doctors for all of her other pregnancies. >> joan rivers daughter says she's hopeful tonight three days after the legendary comedian went into cardiac arrest at a new york city dr. office. melissa said in statement today
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"we are keeping our fingers crossed. she thanked fans for their support mount sigh my hospital announced to updates on her health today. yesterivers had been placed on life support. >> armored truck overturned on rhode island highway spilling bags of money all over the road. police say the driver swerved on to the grass rolled on to its side, cash in clear plastic bags flew out of the truck and investigators say passers by swarmed the scene but it's not clear yet if they took any money. the truck driver suffered minor injuries. >> still ahead on fox 29, a vicious raccoon attack on beach. one families frightening run in with the wild animal coming up. ♪ >> certainly started to get wet around here this evening. those showers and thunderstorms sliding off to our east. more on the way for tomorrow. i'll tell you how these showers and thunderstorms will impact your labor day forecast coming up.
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>> family of fallen lieutenant colonel killed in military jet crash in virginia spoke to hundreds in his honor this weekend. mourners gathered in massachusetts for the ceremony lieutenant colonel morris died wednesday when his jet crashed in rural virginia. his wife thanked everyone who showed up. many members of the 104th fighter wing were also there. >> my husband died doing what he loved serving his country, lying f15s and what he loved even more was being part of a band of brothers. >> font not will be laid to rest at the united states air force academy in colorado springs, colorado. >> a family trying to take a stroll on the beach encounter as raccoon that tax their eight year old boy. fox's deanna, has the story from florida. >> he look me in the eye. >> reporter: eight year old logan is reliving his attack
10:30 pm
that happened right here at the villas. he and his family were going to find shark's teeth on the beach when they ran into a raccoon that wouldn't leave them alone. >> i was back there and i had nowhere to go. he started climbing up and started to go to my foot. >> raccoon bit logan's foot leaving these two deep bite marks. logan's stepmom was able to get him out of the way while his father tried to ward off the raccoon. >> so i went over and started swinging at the raccoon. and the raccoon didn't really go away. >> reporter: logan was rush to the hospital where he was given a set of rabies shots. >> i had one right in -- in it and i got one right here. and one right here. >> reporter: the family says the attack happened within 45 seconds. but they say it's a scary memory that will be with them forever. >> the family says animal
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control caught one raccoon that may have been the culprit but they aren't certain. logan will have to get three more rabies shots over the next two weeks. >> it was a full celebration of polish heritage men he of people turned out for food and fun in doylestown for the 49th american family festival and country fair. the fun continues tomorrow and picks back up this weekend. >> back to your fox 29 weather authority now. it was loud earlier we heard it on the rooftop. people were running for cover at made in america. >> absolutely. >> well, we did have widespread showers and thunderstorms not really severe that we did see, but some wind damage did happen in new jersey with some of those particularly in gloucester. that reports there of a 60-foot tree coming down block the roadway. that is pretty major. it's been mainly a wind event with these storms pushing through. and they're now all pushed off to the east. so you can see that in atlantic city that's where we're getting ready to have our next thunderstorm and this will be
10:32 pm
packing some wind that is could be in excess of 30, 40 miles an hour. just keep that in mind. any of these storms that we see over the next couple of days will have the potential for strong gusty winds. some showers thunderstorms redeveloping back to our west. so right by the wilmington area north of middletown we're seeing some more showers start to fire up. these are all going to diminish as we head through the next couple of hours and push off to the northeast so overnight, things will start only quiet down and by tomorrow morning, we should be pretty calm and we'll see those showers come back in for the afternoon. so here's a look at fox future cast. we'll start it off 7:00 o'clock this morning and you can see really nothing is happening. we do have the clouds could see anis lated shower down to our extreme south there right around dover. temperatures will be mild to start. 75 degrees. going to be a very humid morning once again pretty much we're looking at a repeat of today and then the in the afternoon that's
10:33 pm
when we'll have some scattered showers and thunderstorms. i think the potential for the heavy rain won't be there as much tomorrow but we will definitely have these pop up showers and thunderstorms coming in late afternoon and right through the early evening. so keep that that mind if you're driving back from the beach or if you're driving back from wherever you've been this weekend you may want to keep your eye on the sky by late afternoon just to check to make sure you don't encounter any thunderstorms. by tomorrow night, once again it dice down. we'll get little bit of clearing out. and then more of the same for tuesday as well. temperatures have been big story. heat up over the past 48 hours. it's 75 right now. the rain that moved through helped cool these temperatures off. it's it's still pretty humid but the temperatures are lower from the 90s that we saw earlier today. so 75 in the city. mount become know coming in at 69 right now. wildwood is sitting at 77. they really haven't seen too much activity today. dew points happening right now
10:34 pm
are in the 70s. this is really oppressive and something we'll see right through tomorrow as well so when you get the dew points that high around 70 you are talking some really muggy air. here's a look at your labor day snapshot. 90 in the city. it's another hot one. everybody is in the threat for storms through the afternoon and evening again more pop up storms i don't think it will be anything too severe. there's a look at the seven day forecast. the heat goes on through the next couple of days and really through much of next week. we're in the 90s and the 80s so summer is hanging on with two hands here. >> tomorrow morning the good day crew goes out to wildwood to the beach. do you think they'll get rained on. i think they'll good. i actually do. i think they'll have more clouds than sun but i do think it will be pretty dry for them. that certainly good news. might have a little bit of a breeze but, you know, overall i would say the major thing with these storms is their more pop up. i think it's the heat and humidity that's really going to
10:35 pm
be the noticeable. >> that's when our hair gets crazy. right. >> you have a good labor day. you too. >> i'm working. you're laboring on labor d day. >> i'm laboring on labor day. a lot of peel are. that will do it for us tonight. the fox 29 news at 10:00 ends right now. keep it right here for sports sunday. ♪ >> happy you're spending this labor day with us coming up on sports sunday we're one week away from the eagles season opener. we'll be talking about the eagles and jacksonville jaguars at lincoln financial field. jeff mclane beat rider for the philadelphia inquir inquirer joo us talk eagles including his one player ready for
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